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Breaking free from the fear of being different, students now are willing to walk the path less travelled. Until a few decades back, there was no institution for open schooling and hence no such idea existed. But with the advent of NIOS (National Institute of open schooling) the dimensions seems to have changed.

Open schooling is a choice that allows one to constantly keep learning without having to seek it. For most of us, the idea of school begins with a building, a classroom, a teacher and a lot of handholding. With these walls around, one starts developing a fixated psyche. Students generally don’t want to come back home and study. They eventually start to limit their learning to school premises only. But is this the mindset we want our children to develop?

Remember the times when our teacher was absent and we were given a free lecture. While most of us used to be dancing with joy, there were always a few who thought that it had wasted their time. But due to the generic nature of education and lack of option they had to resort to what was being offered. It needs no testification that these conventional scheduling has worked for most of us, but it does not mean that it worked for all.

Top reasons to choose open schooling

Knowledge is one lifelong process and should be presented in the same manner. With open school, the learning never stops. Children study as per their wish without anything being inflicted on them. They follow their own timetable and deadlines, which in turn makes them better at prioritizing their needs. With this high degree of involvement, the child begins to develop a sense of responsibility at a very nascent stage. Also, there are students who wish to pursue their career in domains like sports, films, crafts etc. With conventional schooling, they often are allocated backseat. However, with open schooling one can leverage the flexibility and devote more time to their ultimate aim.

As it is rightly said that “Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice”.

So think wise and make pertinent choices.

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