The NIOS Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) is a two year diploma program for in-service teachers who are do not have formal education or training in teaching. The program is popularly known as NIOS DElEd.  It is designed for primary and upper primary teachers, to help them develop their skills so that they can be better at their jobs.

Who is the NIOS DElEd program aimed for?

NIOS targets its DElEd program primarily towards teachers who have been recruited without formal training in education. The program is designed to improve the important skills of a teacher, to teach them the essential qualities required for teaching, and to improve the overall education system of the country.

It is often impossible for underqualified teachers to take a break from their job to pursue formal training, and the number of teachers in this situation are numerous throughout the country. NIOS hopes to tackle this problem by providing them with the option of distance learning programs which teachers can complete while maintaining their jobs.

What does the program teach? What are its requirements?

NIOS’ DElEd is a two year diploma program based on a few basic principles:

  • Enable teachers to understand the diversity and variety of children, and how to properly address them.
  • Improve the quality of classroom education and its process.
  • Develop their skills in child friendly education.
  • Educate them about children’s rights and how to protect them.
  • Empower them with appropriate teaching processes, methods, and advantages and disadvantages.

NIOS DElEd is aimed towards teachers who are working but lack formal education in teaching. Primary teachers are required to have a Senior Secondary qualification with 50% score. Upper Primary teachers (Grades VI to VIII) are required to have B.A, B.Sc or equivalent qualification.

NIOS provides the perfect opportunity for underqualified teachers through their D.El.Ed programs. It is nationally recognised and approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. If you are such a teacher, then joining NIOS DElEd program could prove to be a huge advantage for you. It will provide you with a nationally accredited qualification as well as teach vital skills to help you improve your teaching.

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