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Kurukshetra University Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) is a 40 year old distance education program. It is focussed on the sole task of empowering their students with the ability to pursue higher education regardless of their circumstances. DDE offers a number of undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma / certificate programs for students based in India and abroad.

DDE designs its courses with the idea of self study. They are designed with the ability to be pursued with a flexible schedule which the student can decide themselves. DDE assists its students through personal counselling programs; vast study materials in the form of books, assignments, tutorials, etc; annual personal contact. The University also provides a number of online tools to make it easy for people to pursue their programs.

What courses does Kurukshetra university offer? Would they help me in your career?

The university offers a wide range of courses, some examples of which are:

  • B.A, M.A, and M.Sc in traditional courses such as Economics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.
  • Computer Science and IT related courses such as BCA, MCA, etc.
  • Professional and Management courses such as MBA
  • Educational courses and Mass communication courses

The degrees offered by the DDE hold equivalent value to their traditional degrees. They are as applicable in any part of the country as any traditional degree. The university and its distance education program are recognised and properly accredited by UGC. The university also has a stellar reputation through its alumni with a proven track record of significantly boosting people’s quality of life by providing them with necessary and vital qualifications.

What is the admission process?

Kurukshetra University DDE offers their application form through their website, which can be filled by the students and submitted on the website itself. If you are interested in pursuing a course from DDE, it is recommended that you read the prospectus carefully which outlines the admission requirements and details. The basic form has to be submitted online and in some cases the students might be required to mail some documents to the university.

An outline of the total fees per year (including tuition, building fund, development fund, etc) for various courses in the university is:

  • Traditional B.A, M.A, and M.Sc courses range from ₹5000 to ₹7500.
  • BCA, MCA, and M.Sc CS is ₹16,000.
  • MBA is ₹25000
  • B.Ed and M.A Edu are ₹30000 and ₹16000 respectively.
  • Other courses not mentioned above are typically in ₹7500 to ₹9000 range.

Kurukshetra University is trying to push the boundaries by providing their students with an increasing number of opportunities to pursue higher education regardless of their circumstances. The university has over 4 decades of experience and it is just getting better year after year. If you are someone who wants to pursue higher education, then Kurukshetra University’s distance education program might just be the right fit for you.

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