INGOU MEG 06 American Literature

IGNOU MEG 06 American literature is a combination of almost everything. The subject has essay, drama, short fiction and poetry. And this is a great subject to score good marks. All you need to do is be prepared with the summary, narrative techniques, themes and characterisation of all the chapters. These would help you frame your answers in the way the examiner expects.


IGNOU MEG 06 Previous Year Question Paper

Refer to the old question papers and you will find a lot of similarity in the questions being asked. You can come out with the pattern of the questions being asked continuously.  Solve the previous 10 years question paper.

  • They ask a total of 8 questions, where you need to answer any 5.
  • Each question is of 20 marks. Question 1 remains the compulsory attempt.
  • All the questions would be a long answer type each comprising of 20 marks. So prepare bullet points which you could easily frame during the exams.

IGNOU MEG 06 Important Questions

So here are a list of expected questions. These are the assumptions made from the previous year question papers. This could help you prepare in a more specific manner. You should try to cover all these to be able to answer the questions of your choice.

  1. Puritan influence on American Literature
  2. The voice of enlightenment
  3. Critical evaluation of British prose
  4. Themes of freedom and slavery
  5. Changes that take place in the civil war
  6. Indian context in American literature
  7. America in 19th century
  8. Growth of American drama in 17th and 18th century
  9. Hemingway and fulcrum as the short story writers
  10. Images of death and life in the ‘Emperor of Ice cream’.
  11. Well mate play and problem play
  12. Themes of ‘Clean well lighted place’.


IGNOU MEG 06 Important Topics

There are some of the straightforward questions which will surely come and it is very important to be prepared with them.  Each detail about following topics should be at your fingertips.

  1. The narrative techniques of the bluest eyes.
  2. The nature of realism in the Death of a salesman
  3. The major changes in the short stories
  4. Characterisation in the scarlet letter
  5. The hairy ape as the tragic comedy
  6. The 20th century short stories

The above topics would surely help you gain good marks. We would suggest you to give your subjects sufficient time to prepare. The topics likes Bluest eye, Death of a salesman and The Scarlet Letter are highly important and can act as marks scorer topics.

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