IGNOU MEG 05 Literary Criticism & Theory

IGNOU MEG 05 Literary criticism and theory seems to be one of the toughest subjects which frightens up most of the students. This subject requires a keen understanding of the theories. Once you are done with it, the subject becomes really interesting.

Well criticism is all about observing things and commenting on them i.e. analysing and evaluating something. It involves both the positive and negative comments. Criticism in literature works as evaluating literature in general or evaluating specific works of authors.


Literature is being used from Greek times and it has been evolving and criticism has also been incrementing along with it. So as literary criticism reached the modern era it transformed to literary theory. So, literary theory has emerged from literary criticism itself.

This subject contains the comments of famous critics on general topics and some specific works. The subject also deals with how we should analyse a piece of work. Critiquing would contain analysis made by famous critics and theory will have analysis done by one self.

The way to crack this subject is to go through the previous year question papers and find out the questions that are repeating. IGNOU MEG 05 question papers basically repeats so working out with old question papers is one of the best way to start your preparation.

IGNOU MEG 05 Question Paper Pattern

The question pattern has almost been same for years.

  • The paper would have 8 questions, each comprising of 20 marks. You need to answer any 5 of them.
  • There would be one question which would have 4 short notes question. You need to answer any 2 of them, each comprising of 10 marks each.

IGNOU MEG 05 Important Questions

Here are some of the questions that have been repeating from years. Try to understand the theories behind all these topics.

  1. Element of tragedy by Aristotle
  2. Imitation (Mimicry are hostile towards arts by Pluto)
  3. Theory of poet (Romantic Literature by Wordsworth)
  4. Theory of imagination (Fancy by Coleridge)
  5. Shelly as a romantic critic.
  6. Disassociation by sensibility by T.S. Eliot
  7. The new criticism. Practical criticism, Marxist criticism, feminist criticism (one would surely come among these)
  8. What is irony and its importance in poetry/ metaphor in poetry
  9. Strength and limitation of second sex. Would come
  10. Theory off post structuralism or deconstruction
  11. Theory of psychological criticism/ post colonial theory of criticism
  12. Virginia Woolf as feminist Critic
  13. Critical note of the death of the author.
  14. Theory of literary criticism

For short notes you should cover the theory, rasa, dhwani, sphota, myth, plot, base and Ethos emotions. And don’t just jump into the chapters. Do refer to the keywords that are given in the end of each block of your textbook. Read the definition so that it becomes easy for you to go through the chapters and would help you to understand better.


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