IGNOU MEG 04 An aspect of language is a detailed subject on the English language. Understanding each and every topic is necessary to attempt these questions. The question pattern has two sets, one is a compulsory short notes and the other is the long answers. So you need to have a detailed knowledge about all the topics to answer the long type questions. In this blog we will cover the IGNOU MEG 04 important topics. 

The strategy here is to identify the pattern in old test papers and see which topics are repeating. Read these topics and make your own notes out of it. The questions are direct and straightforward. So you can prepare the subject easily from the study material.

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IGNOU MEG 04 Important Topics 

So we’ll go through some of the important topics that you need to cover from each block in this subject and the one which have higher changes to come in the exams:

  1. What is language, language acquisition, and standard language? ( This topic is important to study as it defines about the subject and what role does it plays in the society)
  2. History in English language (This topic shows how it originated and how it evolved. It would contain theories which is important to cover)
  3. Vowels & constants, Diphthongs, pure vowels, compounding and blends.
  4. Syntax, intonation, borrowings and dialects (Borrowing has higher chances to be asked in the long answer type questions)
  5. Language in use – Speech community, bilingualism, multilingualism and Standardization ( A must go topic, chances are quite high for them to show up in the question paper)
  6. Construction and deconstruction
  7. Language planning, code mixing and code switching ( This section surely comes in the short notes)
  8. Spread of English language , changes in English language (This is again very important and ‘Changes in English language should be prepared for long answers)

IGNOU MEG 04 Special Topics for short notes

Topics that should be covered specially for short notes are:

  1. Dialect and register
  2. Code mixing
  3. Speech community
  4. Compounding in English
  5. Second language acquisition.

You can skip Block 3. As this block is the toughest part and not at all possible to understand in the short duration of time. The question could come from this block but covering this would require a lot of time, so I would suggest leaving it and going through other 8 blocks properly.


The long answer questions should specifically define what is being asked and classify the types. And do add examples. Examples put a good impression on the examiner and make your answer look strong and valuable.

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