IGNOU MEG 03 IGNOU MEG 03 important novels

IGNOU MEG 03 subject is a compilation of various British novels. This is one of the easiest subject among the rest in the course. You can understand the story by reading it once and going through the summaries. But that is not sufficient to answer the question being asked in the question paper. The questions in IGNOU MEG 03 are little twisted and so you need to refer to the previous year question papers.

IGNOU MEG 03 question pattern

The question pattern has been unalterably same. There are nine novels that have been prescribed in the syllabus. And 9 questions are asked in the question paper, one from each block. You need to attempt any 5, each comprising of 20 marks. The question paper is quite lenient and student friendly.

IGNOU MEG 03 Strategy to prepare

So the easiest way is, to go through any of the 5 blocks thoroughly.  But this would leave you with no options. So for a safer preparation, going through 1 or 2 extra chapters would be a much better option.  All the novels are of equal standard. Reading each is pleasurable and reading them all helps get an overview of the evolution of the British novel. So I would suggest reading of a concise version of each text to begin with. Then you go through your block text. This will begin to make sense and feel the need to read the novel in detail. And this will also help you choose which novel to study which one to skip.

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IGNOU MEG 03 Important novels

There are some of the novels that are extremely important and you should surely add them in the list of the chapters you want to cover for the examination. Questions from these chapters have been asked repeatedly and it could be hazardous to skip any of these.

  1. Tom Jones
  2. Pride and prejudice
  3. Wuthering heights
  4. Great expectations.

IGNOU MEG 03 Novels to skip

Well skipping any chapter is never a good option. But when you have a limited time to prepare and you want to be use those time into more productive topics then you can skip these:

  1. Middle march
  2. The Prime of Miss Jean Boride

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IGNOU MEG 03 List of important topics

  1. Evolution of British novel.
  2. What do you mean by typical and individual character? Discuss with reference. (This topic can be in the reference of any of the novels)
  3. Narrative techniques
  4. Concept of marriage ( This is in reference with Pride and Prejudice)
  5. Aptness of the title (This can be from the chapters Great expectations, Wuthering heights and Heart of darkness)
  6. Stream of consciousness (This will be from ‘A Portrait of the artist of young man)
  7. Character sketch (There are some of the characters that are very dominant like Tom Jones, Arius and Catherine)
  8. The Fairy tale ( Great expectations comes in these section)
  9. Psychological novel (Great expectations)

I Hope the article was helpful and all the best for your examinations.

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