IGNOU MCO 01 Organizational Theory is the set of interrelated concepts and definitions that explain the behaviour of individuals or groups or subgroups, which interacts with each other to perform the activities intended towards the accomplishment of a common goal. So here, each chapter deals with the problems that evolve under an organisation and how these can be solved

MCO 01 Organizational Theory subject requires the proper understanding of the theories and the problems that evolve in an organisation. This is an easy subject with very simple theories which are required to be read once to know what the theories have in them. But problem arises when you get confused with so many of them. Straight forward questions are asked in the question paper, so you just need to know what is there in each chapter.

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IGNOU MCO 01 Question  Paper pattern

Referring to the old question papers can be a good thing to start with; as it helps you segregate the important theories and questions that have been repeating for years. The question paper is of 100 marks where you get 8 questions and you need to answer any 5, comprising of 20 marks each.

IGNOU MCO 01 Strategy to prepare

  1. Go through every chapter.
  2. Prepare your own notes and write down the bullet points. These bullet points will help you frame your answers and will become easy to refer at last moments.
  3. Make flowcharts to understand.
  4. Prepare a list of theories from each chapter and try to understand what they are trying to express.
  5. Try to solve previous year question paper.

IGNOU MCO 01 Important topics

It would be beneficial to go through all the chapters but here are a few important topics from IGNOU MCO 01 that you can refer to when you have limited time.

  1. Hawthorne Experiment
  2. Various styles of leadership
  3. Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation. How Maslow’s theories differ from Herzberg theory of motivation?
  4. Attitude, the process of formation of attitude, how attitude affects behaviour at work?
  5. Characteristics of organisational culture and how they can be developed.
  6. Stress, psychological and organisational consequences of stress.
  7. Conflict, its process, how it reduces the efficiency in the organisation.
  8. Main barriers to communications and how to remove then.
  9. Formal and informal power. Different types of informal power.
  10. Organisation, role of managers.
  11. McGregor’s X and Y theory.
  12. Group, variables of group structure, Group Cohesiveness.
  13. Sources of resistance, how to overcome resistance.
  14. Psychoanalytic theory of personality propounded by Sigmund Freud.
  15. Organisational structure and its various structures.
  16. Theories of personality.
  17. Factors influencing perception
  18. Stages of development of the team building
  19. Management is an art or science, Henri Fayol’s 14 principles of Management.

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IGNOU MCO 01 Important questions for short notes

The important topis for Organizational Theory are as follows:

  1. Total Quality Management
  2. Lewin’s model of process of change
  3. Job design, Job enrichment and Job enlargement
  4. Formal and Informal Communication
  5. Scientific Management
  6. Delegations of Authority
  7. Conflict management
  8. Group Cohesiveness
  9. Total Quality Management
  10. Leadership styles

We hope the article was helpful and all the best for your Organizational Theory examination.


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