International business finance deals (IBO 06) with financing businesses that operate across the geographical frontries. It provides you knowledge about global currencies, diplomacy, worldwide stock exchanges etc. In short this subject teaches you how to manage money in the global market.

This subject is alloted with a total of 17 chapters which are divided to explain 4 major topics as a whole. This is not a tough subject to score, you just need to have a sound knowledge of each topic. Reading of every chapter is a necessary task here.

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IGNOU IBO 06 Question paper pattern

Referring to the previous year question paper is a good way to start your preparation. Here is how the IBO question paper would look like:

  • The question paper is of 100 marks.
  • There would be a total of 8 question, some will be long answer type questions and some will have 3-4 sub questions inside them.
  • Every question will carry 20 marks each and you’ll be given an option to attempt any 5.
  • Attempting the questions with sub-topics can save your time as you’ll have to write short answers. But you should be aware of all the sub-questions asked.

IGNOU IBO 06 Strategy to prepare

  1. Go through the previous 10 year question paper and try to find the questions that are being repeated.
  2. Prepare your own notes and make bullet points to remember the points easily.
  3. Make diagrams and flowcharts to understand and try to present these in the answer sheet as well.

IGNOU IBO 06 Important topics

Some of the topics listed below have been repeated in the previous year question papers and there is a higher chance for them to repeat again.

  1. International monetary system, its stages and its important features (Chapter 1)
  2. Euro market, difference between foreign currency transaction and euro currency, Euro banks (Chapter 2)
  3. Money market, its instruments and features, LIBIR, LIBOR, LIMEAN (Chapter 3)
  4. Foreign exchange market, its participants, its quotations, foreign exchange transactions (Chapter 5)
  5. Exposure and its types (Chapter 9)
  6. FDI and its advantages and disadvantages (Chapter 10)
  7. Centralised cash management and its advantage (Chapter 15)
  8. Short note on SWIFT
  9. Distinguish between ADR’s and GDR’s.

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We wish you the best for the examination. If you think this blog was helpful you can also refer to our latest blog on IBO 05 here.

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