IGNOU IBO 05 International Market Logistics subject includes chapters that involves theoretical details on logistics and how these are achieved both in national and international market by satisfying the customer demand in a minimal cost.

It is not possible to memorise everything in this subject. So it is very important to understand the concept. So the best way to prepare is to understand the concept and frame the answer by yourself. You can prepare your notes with flowcharts and bullet points to make it easy to understand.

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IGNOU IBO 05 Question Paper pattern

Referring to the previous year question papers is a good way to start your preparation with. Questions are basically in the long answer type. So you can find similarity in the questions. And practising the question paper would be a helpful task.

  • The paper is of 100 marks.
  • Paper give you an option to attempt any 5 questions out of 8 and each comprising of 20 marks.
  • Some of the questions may have 2-3 parts and you will be asked to write short notes on them.

Important guidelines while writing IBO 05 answers

Here are three important points which we will recommend you to follow while writing the IGNOU IBO 05 exam papers:

  • The content should be to the point.
  • Clarity of handwriting
  • Presentation should be good like make diagrams and flowcharts which gives an impression that you have a sound knowledge about the topic.

IGNOU IBO 05 Important topics

Some topics have been repeatedly asked in the previous question papers. And there areĀ  other topics that are highly important to go through in some of the chapters. The list of topics are as follows:

  1. Concept and objective of marketing logistics (repeatedly comes for 20 marks)
  2. Significance of marketing logistic in international trade.
  3. Activities involved in marketing logistics.
  4. Export transaction, Ocean transportation, Bulk cargo, Break- bulk/ General cargo, Liner shipping, Tramp shipping (Chapter 7)
  5. Unitisation, Containerisation and its advantages and disadvantages (Chapter 8)
  6. Maritime frauds, factors leading to maritime fraud (Chapter 15)
  7. Main Voyage charter party clause (Chapter 12)
  8. Air transport (Chapter 3)
  9. International market orientation, , ethnocentric orientation (Chapter 2)
  10. Multi modal operator and under multimodal transportation of goods act.
  11. Importance of national shipping.
  12. Aspects of strategic logistic planning
  13. Problems faced by ports and government policy initiatives for the same.

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