IGNOU IBO 04 Export import course is a series of important guide to international trade operations and they contain samples of virtually every relevant document used in foreign trade. This subject is related to all those procedures that are required to export stuffs and how they are documented.

This subject may have a lot to memorise so prepare your own notes and make bullet points to grasp them quickly. There may be so many procedures where you may get confused. So you need to put some time to prepare this subject.

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IGNOU IBO 04 Question paper pattern

Refer to the previous year question papers of IGNOU IBO 04 and try to find the similarity in the pattern and the questions that are being repeated. Here is the paper pattern:

  • The question paper is of 100 marks.
  • You will be provided with 8 questions, out of which you need to answer any 5.
  • Each question would be of 20 marks each.
  • Some will be long answer type and in some there would be 2- 3 short answer questions.

IGNOU IBO 04 Important topics for long answer type questions

Here is a list of expected questions that have been repeating in the IBO 04 previous year question papers.

  1. Documents required while executing an export order.
  2. Rules relating to realising export proceeds, under the exchange control regulation.
  3. Financing exports under deferred payment arrangements.
  4. Quality control and pre shipment inspection in exports.Different categories of inspection.
  5. Procedure and documents involved in customs clearance of export cargo shipped by sea.
  6. Indian trade promotion organisation (ITPO)
  7. EDI system
  8. Pre-shipment/ Packing Credit
  9. Schemes of recognised Export House/ Trading House
  10. Objective of export import policy.
  11. The Duty free import authorisation (DFIA) scheme
  12. Objective of Export import policy
  13. Various quality inspection scheme covering exports from India. Self certification Scheme.
  14. Main provisions related to imports under the Foreign Trade Policy of India.
  15. Post shipment Finance. Facilities  available to exporters.
  16. Role of export credits guarantee corporation of India in promoting exports. Risk cover policies issued by ECGC
  17. Policy provisions relating to Duty Exemption Scheme of import for export promotion.
  18. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, its components, its strategic and operational benefits.
  19. Aspects of marketing, labelling and packing of goods for export.
  20. Concept and advantages of containerisation of consignments.

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IGNOU IBO 04 Important topics for short notes

Here is a list of important topics that have been repeating in the IBO 04 previous year question papers. Please go through this thoroughly and prepare them well.

  1. Maritime and Extraneous perils
  2. FOB and CIF
  3. Shipping Bill and Bill of Entry
  4. Customs Invoice and Consular Invoice
  5. Bill of Lading and Airway Bill
  6. Documents against Payment (DP) and Documents against acceptance (DA)
  7. Letter of credit
  8. Incoterms
  9. Bills of Exchange
  10. Linear and Tramp shipping services
  11. ECGC Guarantees
  12. Indian Trade Promotion Organization
  13. EPCG Scheme
  14. Procedure for exports by port.

We hope that the blog was helpful and all the best for IGNOU IBO 04 examination. Are you currently preparing IGNOU assignments? If yes read our latest blogs on Why IGNOU assignments are important?


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