IGNOU BEGE English For Business Communication

IGNOU BEGE 104 English for Business Communication teaches the practical ways to deal in the workplace. The subject involves all sort of writing and making presentation techniques. It also cover topics like dealing with your colleagues to perform better and make things productive.

IGNOU BEGE 104 Question Pattern

  • IGNOU BEGE 104 question paper is of 100 marks and you need to answer all the questions that are being asked.
  • There would be almost 7 question which would contain almost all sorts of questions to test your writing and grammatical skills. The marks distribution is different every time.

IGNOU BEGE 104 Long answer topics

Following are some long type questions that regulary show up in IGNOU BEGE 104 paper:

  1. Passage – This is the first question and it doesn’t changes. So you need to read the passage properly to answer the questions related to it. The passage comprises of 20 marks. In order to score marks in passage your vocabulary needs to be really strong. The passage would have words which the student may not understand the meaning and would lead to improper understanding of the passage.
    1. Improve your vocabulary
    2. First read the questions and then read the passage to save time and to avoid reading the passage twice.
  2. Essay – This has also been one of the recurring question in the question paper. You are asked to write an essay of 250-350 words and it comprises of 10- 20 marks. The marks could vary according to the words asked in the question paper.Essay is to check your own writing skills, so properly mention all the three paragraphs that is the introduction, description and the conclusion. Try to start with phrases or quoted lines to make it look attractive.
  3. Letter – Any sort of formal letters could be asked in the question paper like to write a complaint, offer letter, memo, job application or an e-mail. They can even be more than one in number. So be prepared with the format of it and the points that needs to be added white writing those
  4. Presentation – One question about presentation would surely be asked either to make a presentation on a particular topic for your colleagues or things to remember while delivering a presentation.
  5. Report – Report is one of the topic that have been continuously shown up in every paperl. You will be asked to write a report on an incident or an event. They can also be more than one in number.


IGNOU BEGE 104 Short answer topics

  1. Dialogues writing – Conversation between two people is asked and how to properly make a conversation to come up with a positive conclusion. There can even be a question about the points need to taken care of while making a conversation in a meeting.
  2. Interview or job related questions are also important.
  3. There would be lots of question to check your grammatical skills. So be prepared with the basics and rules to be able to attempt those.

Hope so the blog was helpful and all the best for your exams.

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