IGNOU BEGE 103 Communication in English

INGOU BEGE 103 Communication Skills in English an important part of learning this subject is speaking and writing correctly. This communication course tries to improve your fluency in different areas of English through activities that focus on oral and written expression. But according to the syllabus the subject is a bit theoretical.

IGNOU BEGE 103 Question paper pattern

Previous year question paper of IGNOU BEGE 103 works as the most helpful material while preparing for the exams. They shows us the pattern of questions that are been repeating continuously. So never skip the task of referring to the previous year question papers.

  • The question paper is of hundred marks.
  • They ask a total of 7 questions, out of which you need to attempt any 5.
  • Each question comprises of 20 marks each.


IGNOU BEGE 103 Important Questions

Here’s a list of IGNOU BEGE 103 question paper that would help you to prepare:

  1. Rhetoric and rhetorical devices (This is the most important questions, that has been repeating in every years question paper. So don’t dare to skip this topic)
  2. Preparation for job interview/ Job interview etiquettes/ interview group discussion ( This is another question that surely comes and has been repeating continuously)
  3. Letter writing ( One question will surely ask you to write a formal letter like dodging a complaint or any sort of formal letter . You should be prepared with the formal letter format. Yous should also be aware about the guidelines to be taken care of in a formal letter.)
  4. Conversations ( Writing a conversation or dialogues between two people is also important)
  5. A speech ( A speech on a certain topic can be asked to write. Alternatively you can be asked to state the points that needs to be mentioned while giving a speech.)
  6. A report ( There are chances that you could get to write a report on a event or points to be taken care of while writing a report or how to write a report)
  7. Difference between (  Few difference between questions that have been repeating)
    1. American English, British English and Indian English (This question has been repeating continuously
    2. Report and stories
    3. Different types of media
  8. Globalisation (This is one of the important topic that can be asked in many ways. This can be a short or long answer type question)
  9. Web writing (What sort of content web writing requires, points need to be taken care of while writing a web content)
  10. Media and television and their types

We would suggest you to prepare for all the above 10 points properly. And solve the previous year questions as much as possible. It will definitely be beneficial. And all the best!


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