IGNOU BEGE 102 The structure of Modern English

IGNOU BEGE 102 The structure of Modern English is an extensive introduction to all aspects of modern English structure including: Phonology, Morphology, Lexical and sentence semantics, Syntax and Pragmatics. The focus is exclusively on English data, providing an empirical explication of the structure of the language, rather than exploring theoretical questions or theory for theory’s sake. The text does not use linguistic theory but presupposes little or no background in linguistics or particular linguistic predilection.

So focus on basics. The paper has more of the solving parts and short notes to write on, rather than the long answer type questions.


IGNOU BEGE 102 Question Paper Pattern

  • The question paper is of 100 marks and you need to solve all the question.
  • There would be about 10 questions each comprising of 10 marks.
  • The long answers would be directly asked. And the others would be the grammatical questions.

To score good marks in this subject you need to be thorough with the basics and you need to practise more of the previous year question papers.

IGNOU BEGE 102 Important Questions

These are some of the questions that are regularly asked.  So be through with the rules and try to solve as many as possible from the exercise papers and previous year question papers. Scoring marks in these sections are easy if you are thorough with the rules and the basics involved.

  1. Identify prefix and suffix
  2. Classify the nouns into singular and plural
  3. Divide words into its Constituent morphemes
  4. Classify the nouns and adjectives from the sentences.
  5. Fill in the blanks with vowels or combine the sentences.
  6. Difference between compound and complex sentences.


IGNOU BEGE 102 Important topics for short notes

These topics are the important ones in the syllabus, and most probably been asked in previous years. So i would suggest you to go through all its definition, types and examples and also the rules. And try to mention all these in the answer sheet as well.

  1. Sentences
  2. Phrases
  3. Morphemes
  4. Types of clause
  5. Falling and rising tone
  6. Vowels and constants
  7. Finite and nonfinite verbs
  8. Prefix and suffixe
  9. Imperatives
  10. Negation

We hope the blog had served you with sufficient information to help you out with a better preparation. All the best!

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