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The importance of IGNOU assignments is very critical to your overall course performance. IGNOU solved assignments can game changer between you and passing marks and therefore they need to be dealt with care. Following are some tips that will help you take on a lead with these assignments

Five tips for high scoring IGNOU solved assignments:

  1. Read the study material carefully: IGNOU provides its students with a well thought through study material. Also, the assignments are drafted over and around this material only. Consequently, the students need to look no beyond. Just referring to their study package will be more than sufficient for these assignments. Also, while making your assignments from here, the students need not worry about the authenticity of data.
  2. Download assignments from the official site: With all these portals and blogs budding every now and then, students generally tend to download assignments from there. These portals provide lucrative keynotes and sometimes study links for these assignments which attracts the students. However, it is always better to download the assignments from the official site. Rest no other source can be thought as reliable. Since in case of any discrepancies, the student might lose out on their final assessment score.
  3. Don’t purchase the assignments: IGNOU is a university with a heavy student strength in each course. The assignments given are same for all the students. While the easy availability of ready-made assignments has made students prone to purchasing them, what they don’t understand is how it can backfire.There are just a handful of sources selling these assignments while the students purchasing them are much more. This, in turn, makes it obvious for the evaluators to spot these infringers. And if that happens, the repercussions can be severe.
  4. Fill in the first page carefully: The IGNOU assignments have a very detailed first page. The page includes things like assignment code, programme code etc. These details should be filled in carefully. If not done so, it might lead to misplacement of your assignments or even cancellation in some cases. Also avoid making any cuts as the front page tends to give out the first impression, which then gets carried forward.
  5. Prepare drafts: Since these assignments fetch you your finals scores. It is important to make them as presentable as possible. In order to do so, it is advisable to first make a rough draft of what you want your assignments to include and how you want the flow to be. You need not write everything in your drafts, just the bullet points. This will help you avoid any cuttings and mistakes in the final draft. Also, you will not miss out any points since it becomes difficult to make amendments in hard copies.

So, follow these tips during the submission of your IGNOU solved assignments  and be ready to see visible differences in your scores.

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