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Getting admission into one of the country’s top institute does not mean that the battle has been won. Getting grades is what ensures success in entirety. And that is where the assignment plays a vital role. Following are some reasons why the IGNOU assignments form such a critical part of the curriculum.

Here the five reasons why IGNOU assignments are important:

  1.  Irrespective of the course chosen, the assignments hold their role in final results. These assignments help in better understanding of the subject. They also carry marks which form the final assessment score. The percentage contribution varies from course to course and also keeps revising every year. Nne can expect IGNOU assignments to have a share as large as 30% in the final score.
  2. These assignments need to be submitted in a proper format. Also, the submission should be done well before the due date. While this date might change for different sessions, they are always taken in semester format. For the December exam, the submission date stays around 30th September and for the June exam around 31st March. For successful completion of the course, the student is required to score minimum 40% marks in each assignment and term end examination (TEE) separately.
  3. If the student fails to submit either of the assignments within the stipulated time then he will be barred from taking the examination. And in case the student manages to appear in TEE without submitting the assignment then the result for that TEE would be liable to be cancelled.
  4. IGNOU doesn’t extend its assignment submission dates, unlike the admission dates. So the submission should be done well before time to avoid last moment panics.
  5. The assignments are not subject to revaluation except for factual errors, if any committed by the evaluator. In case the student spots any discrepancies in the score indicated in the evaluated assignment sheet and the one in the grade card, a request can be put forth to the coordinator of the study centre. The student can request the coordinator to forward the correct award list to the Student Evaluation Division (SED) at IGNOU, New Delhi.

How to get IGNOU assignments?

For the assignment question paper, the student can visit official IGNOU website or directly the link

Students can also receive the assignment question paper from the regional centres or the allocated study centres. Hence the assignments play a role as important as the main exam, especially if you are a student at IGNOU. Also, with such severe repercussions, one should attach utmost importance to them.

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