Diploma in Elementary Education is programme designed to train in-service untrained teachers in pedagogy specifically for primary and secondary schools across various states.In this blog we will cover the topics and question paper pattern of NIOS DElEd 502.

The course looks forward to deal with theory of practice of teaching and enhance the learning of the learners. A teacher needs to master the skill of making kids understand their curriculum from their point of view. A teacher needs to know the about the pedagogic process that would best suit the students according to their capabilities and aptitude. It will also equip them with proper assessment methods for students’ progress and make changes in the strategies accordingly. The aim is to enforce effective teaching and maximize learning keeping in focus the context of the students.

The topics in NIOS DElEd are both general and technical. The general topics would require observational and analytical skills. The technical topics require the knowledge of the processes, key terms and techniques involved in learning. It would require a knowledge of various methods involved in the teaching processes, which could be supplemented with one’s own experiences and suggestions.

The MCQs and very short answer type would test your objective knowledge and would therefore require retention of facts and details.The topics have been elaborately mentioned in the given link.

Here, each topic has separate MCQs to enhance understanding and retention.Going through the past year papers of NIOS DElEd 502 is highly recommended as that would give a good idea about the type of questions being asked and their difficulty level.

NIOS DElEd 502 Important topics:

  • Assessment methods and their application according to the different circumstances.
  • Different learning and teaching processes (individualized learning, group learning, lesson planning etc) in detail with the technical terms and definitions.
  • Ways to handle difficult situations in class.
  • Various assistive techniques to be used for enhanced and effective learning like computer presentations, models, diagrams, audios etc.

NIOS DElEd 502 Pattern of question paper:

  • 15 Multiple choice questions (MCQs): One mark for each question.
  • 15 Very short answer type questions (VSAs): One mark for each question.
  • 20 Short answer type questions (SAs): 2 marks for each question.
  • 2 Long answer type questions (LAs): 10 marks for each question.

NIOS DElEd 502 Sample question

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(We would provide a framework for long answer of some sample questions to give you an idea of how to go about answer writing)

 Q: Describe the different approaches of categorising Teaching Learning Material with examples.

A: This is a question that seems to involve technical knowledge of terms for the classification but the answer involves description of the most basic and common objects we see in the classes. Few ways of categorization could be on the basis of real objects/experience, size, cost etc.

  • They could be prepared by the teacher or be standardized ones like globe, map etc.
  • They could be visual aids, audio, audio visual aids.
  • They could be projected aids, non-projected aids or experiential aids.

Q: Suppose you are teaching in a tribal dominated school. You do not know the mother tongue of those children. How can you organize activities that children will learn?

A: This question seeks to see the creativity a teacher would employ in a given situation. Possible solutions could be-

  • hiring a translator
  • learning the language
  • using videos and audios for the students to have correct pronunciations.
  • using local characters, folk lore and tales to impart lessons.

Each point could be elaborated and be evaluated as to how far they would be effective.

Q: Explain two main reasons for low educational status for tribal children.
A: The topics is quite general and involves an observational and analytical bent of mind. Each point could be elaborated with possible solutions for the same.

  • Language barriers as the content is not available in their dialects.
  • Irrelevance of the content with respect to their lifestyles.
  • Resistance against the education as it is seen as unnecessary.
  • Inaccessibility of schools and teachers.

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We wish you luck for your exams! Best wishes!

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