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Delhi University School of Open Learning is one of the foremost distance education universities in India. It offers one of the best distance education programs for B.A. and B.Com courses. The degree from SOL can open door anywhere and most institutes and companies consider them equal to any full time contact program you can pursue.

DU SOL graduation timeline

Getting the degree, however, can take a while once you have graduated. DU SOL takes a few years before you can collect the official degree. The University does not send the degree by post, instead it requires you to collect it from the university itself. Typically one needs two years for Honours degrees and three years for Non-Honours degrees. Once the time period has passed, the University will notify you and ask you to collect the degree. To collect the degree, you would need the original marksheet as well as the provisional degree.

What about the DU SOL marksheet or a provisional degree?

Two years is a long time to wait, but the good news is that you don’t need the degree itself to start pursuing a job or further studies. Most institutes and companies require your marksheet and a provisional certificate from the University. Both of these are made available at the University’s website 4-6 weeks after Part III examinations of the course you are pursuing.

Once the marksheet and provisional certificate are available, the SOL notifies its students. The marksheet and certificate can then be obtained digitally from the student portal. DU SOL graduation process has digitised all of the certificates and marksheets, which means that they do not send a physical copy to your address. However, that does not cause any problem since most institutions and organisations expect digital delivery of such documents.

DU SOL does not hold a convocation for its student since the course itself is inherently done at a distance. This makes it extremely difficult to hold a convocation since the students have minimum physical contact with DU. However, this does not make the degree any less useful. It is a simple process to get the marksheet once they are available, and the digital marksheet and certificate are applicable anywhere you would want to apply.

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