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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English or BA English is an undergraduate level English course. This course focuses on the English language, literature and how the modern English language evolved. It also highlights the various aspects of modern English through drama, poetry, and other famous works of literature. The program offered in DU SOL lasts three years is often sought after by candidates for its immense use.

The three year or three part program requires a Senior Secondary certificate from CBSE or equivalent board with at least 65% aggregate or more. The admission process starts in late July or early August. You can find all the information on DU SOL’s website. The admission process is completely online.

Compulsory courses in the BA English Program

Since the program is primarily concerned with English, the compulsory courses are about English literature, the different eras and styles of English literature, and its history and evolution.

  • The first part introduces English Literature and studies 20th century works which attempts to explore the recent evolution of the language.
  • The second part has two English Literature courses, then 19th Century European Realism, Classical Literature, and Forms of Popular fiction. Each explores a different aspect of the language and how it came to be.
  • The final party has two English literature courses and a Contemporary English course.  These courses studies modern works of literature and the contrast between these works and those of 20th and 19th century.

Optional and Interdisciplinary courses in the program

The BA English program also has a fair number of courses which are optional. You are required to pick at least one or two optional courses in order to complete their degree. During the first part, you must pick a Language Credit course, Language Qualifying course, and an Interdisciplinary Concurrent Course.

  • The Language Credit Course and Language Qualifying Course serves as an additional insight into how another language and its literature is formed. For the Language Credit Course, you can also pick “The Individual and Society” if you do not wish to study another language. The Qualifying language has to be one other than English.
  • Interdisciplinary Concurrent Course are more general courses and are not related to English.

Second and Third Parts offers courses which are centered around English Literature. You are required to pick at least one during each parts to complete the program.

A degree in B.A. (Hons) English can go a long way in india, especially in fields such as journalism, writing, literature, editing, etc. There are a large number of fields which rely on study of the language and if you choose to pursue the course, it would definitely not be a waste.

Looking forward for admissions in DU SOL BA English Program? Learn about SOL Admission guidelines here


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