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Delhi University School of Open Learning offers Bachelor of Arts program which is a three year course available for students. The BA program does not provide specialisation in any one field but is considered to be a general higher education program. BA admission usually start mid July, the prospectus is announced at the end of June every year. You have until mid September to apply for the course.

School of Open Learning divides its BA program into three parts, each of which take a year. Throughout the course, you would have to study six discipline courses in two disciplines and four language courses in English and one other Indian language. The first part or first year is meant as an introductory year to the chosen subjects. For the first part you are required to choose two language subjects and two disciplinary courses. Then part two and three each require two language and one disciplinary courses.

BA Admission language courses

Each language has three types of courses which can be taken by the student. For example, English A, B, and C are the three different choices a student can take in English. If a student takes English A in Part I of their studies, then they are required to continue with English A for the rest of their course.

The A level course is “advanced course” which is for students who have taken the language in their Senior Secondary studies. B level course is “intermediate” which is meant for students with a knowledge of the language at the Secondary or Class X level. C level course is “basic” meant for students who have studied the language upto Grade VIII level.

BA Admission Disciplinary courses

SOL offers disciplinary courses in Mathematics, Home Science, History, Political Science, Economics, Sanskrit, and Education. Each of the course is meant as an introductory course into the respective fields. This give students an enhanced knowledge about them for the next step in their careers.

B.A. Program is not a course or a degree to make you qualified in a certain field, but it is an excellent program to make you more qualified in general. Having the degree opens up a number of careers with the requirement of having a bachelor’s level qualification. The language and the disciplinary courses are also excellent in improving your efficiency at work. The increase  your ability to communicate which is arguably more important than any formal qualification.

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