Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) is another excellent program offered by School of Open Learning for those looking to get into the field of commerce or business. The B.Com Honours program is similar to the normal program, the main difference between the two is that you can specialise in one field during the final years.

The B.Com (Hons) program lasts three years and is comprised of three parts. The program is more prestigious than B.Com and has more difficult requirements with lesser number of seats. Students are required to have a minimum 60% aggregate in Class XII of CBSE or an equivalent board, and are required to be from the commerce stream.

Courses offered in B.Com (Hons)

The courses offered in the Honours program are similar to those offered in B.Com with a few additions. B.Com (Hons) is considered more thorough than B.Com which can result it in requiring more preparation.

  • The first part is concerned with introdu0ction to the field of commerce with courses such as Business Organisation & Management, Financial Accounting, Micro Economics, Business Statistics, Business Law, Introduction to Computer & Information Systems, Business Communication, Politics, Ethics and Responsibility of Business. Each of these course acts as a building block for a successful career in the field of commerce, and explores important aspects of modern businesses.
  • The second part expands on the courses studied in the first part with more mathematical and technical courses. It includes Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Microeconomics – II, Business Mathematics, Corporate Laws, Income Tax Law, E-Commerce, and Auditing. The courses are concerned with the modern day to day practice of businesses and introduce the various aspects and challenges faced by a larger corporation.
  • Courses during the third year are limited to Management Accounting, Macro Economics, and Indian Economy. These are broader courses which are meant to introduce an understanding of the overall workings of economies at a national and an international level.

Optional and Elective Courses

A big attraction of the B.Com (Hons) course are the electives you can specialise in during the final year. The specialization allows you to be more proficient in a field and have a head start for a career in that field.

  • There are no optional or elective courses during the first part.
  • You can choose an optional course such as Hindi, Pol. Science, etc. in the second part. These courses are not directly related to commerce but can be useful.
  • During the third part, you have to choose a group of courses to be able to complete the program successfully. Each group has two courses which are related to a speciality. For example, the first group is concerned with Financial Management and Financial Investments, second group is Principles of Marketing, and Advertising.

B. Com (Hons) is one of the most sought after undergraduate qualifications in the commerce field, If you pursue the degree, then it is a near certainty that it would be extremely beneficial for your career.

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