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Delhi University School of Open Learning (SOL) Bachelor of Commerce program is one of their most popular programs and is typically the hardest to get into. It is a 3 year program which focuses on the financial, administrative, and commercial workings of organizations and individuals. B Com program is meant as a general study of business related subjects so that the graduates are more qualified for managing and running a business.

The course is divided into three parts each of which takes one year. SOL requires a Class XII certificate from CBSE or an equivalent board with 60% or higher aggregate percentage from any stream..

Compulsory courses during the B Com program

Since the program is primarily related to commerce, majority of the courses are related to commerce and business management. Each part has different compulsory subjects which the students have to successfully complete in order to get their degree.

  • Part I’s courses are Business Organisation & Management, Financial Accounting, Business & Industrial Law, and Principles of Economics. Each of these course is chosen to build the foundation essential for the program. Business Organisation & Management makes you familiar with the general principles of managing a modern business, how a small or a large business can be organised and run. Financial Accounting introduces you to the basics of accounting, bookkeeping and practices related to both.
  • Part II only contains compulsory courses and you are not given optional or interdisciplinary courses. This part contains courses such as Business Mathematics and Statistics, Corporate Accounting, Company & Compensation Law, Income Tax & Auditing, Macroeconomics, and English. The first two courses are concerned with the mathematical aspects of business administration and accounting for a bigger company. The next two courses are primarily about the important laws which a company or a commercial entity has to deal with on a day to day basis. Macroeconomics is concerned with the economics at a national or an international level.
  • Part III has the fewest number of compulsory courses. The three courses are Cost Accounting, Computer Application in Business, and Economic Development Courses in India. This part also requires one additional course out of the following three options: Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management.

B Com Optional courses

B Com program in DU SOL does not have a lot of optional courses. In Part I and Part III you can pick one or two of the following: an Indian language, History, Business Language, or Political Science. Students are required to pick at least one of these. Part II only has compulsory courses and does not give a choice of an optional course.

The program offered by DU SOL is an excellent option if you are interested in the world of business. B Com also helps you get into fields such as management, accounting, human resources, etc.

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