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One of the five offerings for Undergraduate programs in Delhi University School of Open Learning is the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science program. A BA Political Science course is concerned with the workings of a state or a country and their governments. The course primarily deals with politics, analysis of political behaviour, and various political systems which affect the workings of a government.

To be eligible for the Political Science course in SOL, you would need a 10+2 degree from a recognised boards with a minimum 55% aggregate, The course lasts for three years also called three parts with each part having two semesters.

BA Hons courses during the three years

The primary focus of the BA Political Science program is focus on Indian Politics and its functionings. Each year there are three compulsory courses which focus on various aspects of Politics in general as well as Indian politics.

  • Courses in first part are Colonialism & Nationalism in India, Indian Political Thought, and An Introduction to Political Theory. The first two courses are intended to explain the past and current Indian political scenario. Colonialism & Nationalism in India explains how the colonial period formed the current government. Indian Political Thought gives an overview of the current political scenario. An introduction to Political Theory gives an introductory understanding of the political theory, and its application in the current political scenario.
  • Second part has courses which go into more depth about Indian politics. It has three courses are Indian Government & Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations & Global Policy. Indian Government & Politics is concerned with the formation of constitution, the overall structure of the government and its workings. Comparative Politics expands on the Political Theory course taught in the first part and aims to make you more familiar with political terms and how one can apply the terms into modern day politics. International Relations & Global Policy dwells on the relations between different nations and how they interact with one another.
  • Third part contains more advanced political courses on Indian Foreign Policy, Public Administration, and Traditions in West Political Philosophy. The first two courses focus on a major part of the Indian Political scenario whereas the third one focuses on how the politics in western countries is different from Indian politics.

BA Political Science courses during the three years

Beyond the courses listed above, the Political Science program also offers language and interdisciplinary courses throughout the three parts of the program. You are required to pick English and one interdisciplinary course. You can also pick one more optional language and one more optional interdisciplinary course if you would like.

BA Political Science course offers a lot of prospects in a very broad variety of political and governmental establishments, for example in public administration, political campaigning, political analysis, etc. The course is excellent for those interested in politics or fields related to the government and its functioning.


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